Jeff Gomez, CEO de Starlight Runner Entertainment, ha propuesto los “8 Defining Characteristics of Transmedia Production“. Ya los había mencionado muy por encima en un post anterior (Narrativas transmediáticas: novedades del frente cross-media), así que aquí van un par de reflexiones un poco más filosas.  Los principios en cuestión son los siguientes:

1- Content is originated by one or a very few visionaries
2- Cross-media rollout is planned early in the life of the franchise
3- Content is distributed to three or more media platforms
4- Content is unique, adheres to platform-specific strengths, and is not repurposed from one platform to the next
5- Content is based on a single vision for the story world
6- Concerted effort is made to avoid fractures and schisms
7- Effort is vertical across company, third parties and licensees
8- Rollout features audience participatory elements, including: Web portal…

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